I spent too many years thinking I couldn’t afford it.

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When I was a young mother, just learning how to run a household, I knew that I wanted to get to a place financially where I would never have to buy from Wal-Mart again.

But there were always bills to pay, and in those years before my now-ex Atlas became a plumber we were very very poor. It didn’t make sense to get the things we needed locally at a higher price, even if it was ultimately better for the economy, when we could run down to Wal-Mart and pay half for what functioned in essentially the same way. And…

Being submissive is an empowering experience.

Me, obediently posing for my Daddy. Photo taken by Thy Jester

Sometimes, I like to be told what to do by my man.

It goes against a certain brand of feminism to say I like to be dominated, I know, but it’s the truth. I like, in a very controlled sort of way, to play the submissive woman role.

But Misty, weren’t you controlled for ten years by the son of a Wolf? you might be wondering. Aren’t you tired of being controlled?

It has taken me a while to fully realize it, but being submissive does not have to be synonymous with being controlled. When I have the option not…

TW: Abuse // I never know how to answer this question.

They're not all mine! From the very back of the line: Baby Li, Little B, a cousin, Miss Rain, July, two more cousins, and Dusty at the very front of the line wearing bright pink snow pants. Image created by author.

The average size of a family in America has for the past several years clocked in at 3.15 people. Generally, in other words, most parents only have one or two children.

So it’s no surprise that people are a little overwhelmed to see the number of children I have every time I go out in public.

One of the most common remarks I get from people, usually in passing, is “You’ve got your hands full, don’t ya?” To which I nod and give a little laugh salted with just the right amount of exhaustion, agreeing, “Yes I do!”

Sometimes, coming…

Peace, stability, and a time of rest will help you prepare for whatever comes next.

Dusty and his cute freckles resting in the Four of Cups; Image is my design and my property.

Gathering a solid social network is crucial for an emotional journey that will undoubtedly push you beyond the limits of what you ever thought you could endure. Because — make no mistake — that is what the journey of the Cups is ultimately about. You need to have robust relationships with people you can lean on to get through the times ahead.

For now, though, the Four of Cups invites you to take a break, breathe deeply, and enjoy the present moment as fully as you can.

The Four of Cups is a card of peace and stability.

I remember several years ago, I read a book that would change my…

That is only possible with a more transparent market.

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As the consumers in a consumer-driven market, we have the right to make an informed decision about where we spend our money. After all, every penny we dish out is a vote for the brands and companies we want to stay in business. But how can we make an informed vote when we aren’t really given all the facts?

Conservative or liberal, it is an undeniable fact that the money hoarding of the ultra-rich is keeping billions and billions of dollars out of the economy. Bill Gates, for example, built himself a home whose value is estimated at $127 million

When we touch, we are connected.

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Jester’s heart is beating hard.

I lay against him, unmoving, feeling the nervousness course through his body as his heart pounds away. It isn’t a bad nervousness, but it is there.

I start to feel it in my body, too. It is like there is a pipe connecting him to me, and the nervousness is running through it like a liquid to pool in my limbs. The excess energy of it makes me want to move my hands, kick my feet, but I stay still.

His heartbeat is so loud. He is breathing fast; and although he is not moving…

In our fight against sexism, we have to make sure we aren’t setting a double standard.

Me playing with my phone while Jester does work that I as a woman am not expected according to the patriarchy to do. Image created by author.

Jester showed me this clip on TikTok of a man answering this question, and it was so well-put and accurate that I wanted to post his summary of what it means to be a man for people who may not get to see the clip on TikTok.

The video was posted by @oneguysopinion and you can see the clip here.

So what does it mean to be a man?

It means that I am presumed to be the villain, that I am guilty of things that other men have done that I have never done and that they have never…

How do you understand someone else’s depression?

Strong words, and a promise I haven’t forgotten. Image created by author

Depression is not something that comes naturally to me.

My brain is, perhaps, wired for obsession and programmed to accommodate anxiety; but the particular neuronal circuitry that so easily gets tripped into the cascade of hormones that equal depression for some, isn’t frequently used by me. My thought pattern tends more toward panic and magical thinking.

So it is rather strange when I wake up one morning submerged in sadness. There is no particular reason for it, except that I miss Snake.

I analyze the feeling as I sit in my truck, crying, after I get home from dropping the…

We shouldn’t.

Baby Li; Image created by author

As a major supporter of the idea that our society needs a universal basic income, I feel that the government absolutely has a responsibility to help stimulate the economy. Yet, when I saw the several thousand dollars that were deposited in my bank account as stimulus money for myself and my children, I couldn’t help but feel a sneaky sense of stimulus guilt.

The capitalism that bombards us every day, that keeps the lower class confined to poverty or near-poverty and is gradually sending the middle class there as well, says that only those who work hard deserve to have…

The basics are worth repeating.

American capitalism at its finest. Image created by author.

Almost 66% of Americans made less than $100k in 2019. Of that percentage, a little over half was unable to crest the $50k mark. The low and moderate earners clearly outnumber the upper class and vastly outnumber the insanely wealthy; only 10% of the US population earned over $200k according to these 2019 stats.

Why are our economy and our politics slanted so precipitously toward a small percentage of our population? Why haven’t we come together to do something about it collectively?

In the capitalist atmosphere we are bombarded with every day, as the old saying goes, money talks. We…

Misty Moon

Writer, survivor, fledgling activist. Misty is the narrator inside my head. Buy me a coffee at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/mistymoon

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